PSE Stalker Recurve Bow Review

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PSE Archery Stalker

PSE Stalker Recurve Bow Review

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60"2.8 lbs.

How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
45, 50 lbs.icon-yes

- Very cheap
- Surprisingly durable for a bow in this price range
-Shoots well with minimum noise and unnecessary vibration
- May not be suitable for all beginners (see below)
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PSE Stalker Recurve Bow Package Contents

Welcome to our PSE Stalker review. Let’s start with the obvious: package contents. Keep in mind I ordered mine online, so if you buy yours in a local shop you might get some extra accessories, though it’s unlikely:

There is no stringer or string wax included, so I recommend you get both separately.

Assembling The PSE Archery Stalker

It’s as simple as:

  • Attaching the limbs to the riser using the thumb-tightened screws.
  • String the bow

Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, and less than that if you’ve strung a recurve before. See our guide on this if you need help.

How Powerful And Accurate Is The PSE Stalker?

For the money the PSE Stalker costs, I’d say it’s quite accurate. How powerful it is will depend on the draw weight you get. I’d comfortably say that it performs just as well as bows costing even 50% more.

I got the 50 lbs. version. You can comfortably use it for target practice from as far as 30, 40, and maybe even 50 yards if you’re skilled enough. Had 1 inch arrow groupings from 35 yards the first time I shot it.

Is The Stalker Good For Hunting?

PSE StalkerI did not purchase the Stalker to hunt, though I did take down a doe with it. It’s quite light-weight so felt easy and comfortable to carry around with me in the woods. The PSE Stalker is also not too bulky, so it doesn’t cause much issues in a tree-stand.

The doe I took down stood a good 30 yards away. Arrow went right through the liver and passed on the other side. I was surprised by how quiet and fast it was as well: the deer had absolutely no time to duck before it was hit.

Is The PSE Stalker Good For Beginners?

I’ll have to say it depends. The Stalker is mostly available in 45 and 50 lbs. draw weights, which might be too much for some people to handle. If you are a beginner and have never shot a recurve bow before, check out our draw weight chart. This will give you a ballpark estimate as to the draw weight you can handle. If you fit in the 40# (or higher) range, then the PSE Stalker will be excellent for you. And cheap too!

Does This Bow Accept Accessories?

The riser has been drilled and pre-threaded, so you can add whatever accessories you want. This is great news for beginners who might want to experiment with a recurve bow sight, for example.

Arrows For The PSE Archery Stalker

Recurve bows are almost never sold with arrows, and the PSE Stalker was no different. The exact size and weight of your arrows will depend on your draw length, as well as the draw weight of the bow. Please see our guide to choosing arrows for more details.

How Comfortable Is This Recurve To Hold?

PSE Stalker2Holding the PSE Stalker was decently comfortable. By the shape of the handle I would say that people with large hands might have a problem holding it though. Nothing particularly interesting to say here: it felt right and stable. No digging into the palm even during full draw. You definitely shouldn’t complain.

Materials And Finish (Riser And Limbs)

Riser is made from shaddock and ramin hardwood, whe the limbs are macore woods and hard maple. Pretty much standard for many PSE Archery recurve bows. Limb pockets in the riser are made out of metal, which is rare in this price range. Definitely a durable bow.

What String To Use For The PSE Stalker?

The tips of the PSE Stalker limbs are not reinforced, so you can’t use FastFlight strings with it. A solid replacement string for the Stalker is the Dacron B-50, which you can get for really cheap. Since this recurve has an AMO length of 60″, you will need to buy a string with an AMO length of 60″ as well.

Is The Stalker Heavy?

The Stalker is quite light I would say, especially considering the poundage. It’s very comfortable to carry around during a hunting trip and to maneuver in your tree stand. Very easy to move it up and down the stand as well. Generally speaking if a recurve bow weighs less than 3.2 lbs, I consider that to be quite light.

Limb Problems

There have been some reports online of some people having the limbs of the PSE stalker break during the first few arrows shot. I can’t comment on the issue. All I can say is that it has never happened to me nor anyone else I know who owns or owned the PSE Stalker. It’s also worth mentioning that there are some nasty practices employed by the competition in the archery world. People are hired to go online and post negative comments to dissuade people from buying products from a certain manufacturer. Whether this is the case here or not I cannot say. Suffice it to say that I have my own personal reasons to believe that it’s true. Up to you to make a decision.

PSE Archery’s Warranty

PSE Archery covers all their recurve bows with a lifetime warranty, which is conditional on you replacing the PSE Stalker’s string once every year minimum. If the manufacturer notices signs of wear or damage typical for not replacing your string as suggested, the warranty will not be honored. Customer service is super-fast to respond and they’ll inform you of the exact steps required to service your Stalker if needed.

PSE Stalker Recurve Bow Review – Summary

Thank you for reading this PSE Stalker recurve bow review. If you are on a really tight budget and if you can get a draw weight that is right for you, this is a solid bow to buy. You’ll be able to use it for both hunting and target practice. It’s comfortable to hold, shoots decently, and accepts accessories. A great way to introduce yourself or a loved one to the world of traditional archery. Check out Today's price on the PSE Stalker.


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  1. Thank you for the review.
    This convinced me to give the Stalker a try and boy am I glad that I did.
    Spot on review. Thanks a bunch.

  2. does not do a lifetime guarantee on limbs. Just got off of the phone, 03-01-17. they directed me to my dealer. The Chinese made limbs warped. PSE is discontinuing the stalker this year. I shoot mine 10 to 35 yards daily and replace my fastflight string twice a year. i dont want a discount or special treatment, I just want a good deal on replacement limbs or quality limbs that last.

  3. I purchased the PSE Stalker from Cabela’s on the day after Thanksgiving where they were featuring select recurve bows at 50% off (probably due to the discontinue)! The salesperson suggested the Stalker as an incredible value at regular price – let alone 50% off! Essentially, I was incredibly lucky as this bow is all that it’s described! I have had zero problems and the bow is strong, fast and accurate! If you can get one, I suggest you do!

  4. I bought a stalker for my first now. It’s a 50 pound pull. I wish I would have bought a 20-35 pound bow. Where can i get limbs at that weight? Anyone know where to get them?

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