Recurve Bow Tuning, Maintenance & Equipment

What you see below is just the beginning. We’ll be adding many more similar articles over the next few weeks of July 2013. Stay “tuned”! (yes, I’m proud of that one 🙂 )

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Choosing Equipment


Recurve Bow Tuning

Shooting Technique


Let us know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear. We want to make this the most comprehensive recurve bow guide on the entire internet, and we would appreciate your help in the process. Leave a comment below or just send us an e-mail. Happy shooting!


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  1. I weigh around 134lbs and according to your draw weight chart I am supossed to have a bow with a draw weight of 25#-35# but I am confident that I can handle a 65#.So what do you recommend me to do.

    1. If you are capable of pulling 65# get a bow that can shoot that and start practicing. If I were you I’d get a good riser and 2 sets of arms. start with 35 lbs and if you are fine with it upgrade it.

  2. I haven’t found anything on rest’s, is this not an important subject? Your site is very beginner friendly, thank you for dedication and time it has been very educational!!!!

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