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Welcome to our Archery Range Finder – the most complete and user-friendly range locating map for USA residents. We’ve done our best to include as many ranges and archery clubs as possible, and we regularly check to make sure that the information is up-to-date. To get started, simply use the map below to choose your State. Once clicked, you’ll immediately be sent to a page which includes all the archery ranges in that State that we know of. This list is of course not all-inclusive and there are certainly other venues available for the bow-shooter which we are not aware of. If that is the case, please contact us and we’ll make sure it’s included in our repository. If the map does not work for you for some reason, use the links right underneath the map to choose your State.

Standard Marked Range

A standard marked archery range is usually located in a field or a large backyard. Targets are positioned at different distances, often between 10 and 80 yards in 5-10 yard increments, and the exact distance is always marked on the ground. The targets are usually made of either paper or foam, though sometimes cardboard and even Styrofoam are used at the more amateur-ish ranges. This is the perfect place to go if you have just bought your first bow but do not have enough space at your own backyard to do any practice. A standard archery range is also great for those who are still considering whether or not to buy their first bow, as you can simply rent a bow right then and there and give it a test drive to see what archery is all about.

3D Archery Range

3D archery refers to the shooting at three-dimensional game models that have been built using a 1:1 size scale. These models are typically made of foam, and in order to simulate a true hunting environment there are usually no distance markings at the range; the bow-shooter must be able to individually assess his distance from the target and adjust his technique and stance accordingly. This does not mean that only hunters should go to a 3D archery range; it’s still a great way to have fun as well as hone your accuracy, even if you’re just a recreational archer.┬áTypically, the arrow’s used at a 3D range will not include a hunting broadhead, since it would be very likely to damage the game models that are being shot at. In recent years, there seems to be a growing interest in 3D archery competitions, with the American Shooters Association (ASA) and the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) being the most prominent organizations to hold such tournaments. Anyone can participate, and you can use our archery range finder above to locate clubs that offer such com competitions on a regular basis.

Mountain Target Range

As the name implies, this type of range is usually located in hilly terrain. Various life-sized game models are placed in-between trees and behind other obstacles, allowing you to experience the thrill of exploration that is quite similar to what real bow hunters are used to. Mountain lions are particularly popular targets at this type of range. Please note that you need to be in good physical condition in order to fully enjoy the Mountain range experience. Since you’ll be walking uphill quite a lot while having to carry your bow and accessories with you, make sure that you wear hiking shoes and comfortable clothing.

Indoor Archery Range

As the name implies, this is a range that is located indoors. The obvious advantage is that you can practice regardless of the weather outside, and without having to worry about the wind messing with the trajectory of your arrow. Because of space constraints, the typical indoor range will have targets set-up at only one distance, as there isn’t much room for diversity. To make up for this, you can usually choose from among targets of different sizes. So while the distance remains constant, you can ramp up the difficulty by shooting at a smaller target. Some indoor ranges are only open during the winter season as this is when many archers face problems outdoors. With this in mind, if it’s spring or summer, please make sure to call the range before visiting them to make sure that they are actually open, as chances are quite high they won’t be.

Field Archery Range

Somewhat similar to the above-mentioned Mountain variety, a field archery range is usually situated in the woods. Regular two-dimensional targets are positioned in various locations and distances are usually marked. While at this type of range, you’ll often find yourself shooting across a small lake, in-between trees, up-hill and down-hill. A field range is a great way to improve your overall technique as a bow shooter. Since you will need to adapt to various circumstances, shooting distances and shooting angles, you will learn a lot about both yourself as well as your archery equipment. It’s an exceptionally useful training ground for hunters, but there’s no reason why recreational archers shouldn’t enjoy a field range just for fun. As someone said: “it’s like playing golf, only with a bow and arrow rather than a golf club.”


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  1. I live in Cleburne co. Al. Where can i find some place to shoot bow and meet different people and make some new bow friends

  2. There is a 3D ASA archery club located in Calhoun, Ky, it is called Myer Creek Archers. We are located at 210 Park Loop Calhoun, Ky 42327.

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