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  1. What recurve would you recommend for a short draw length (27″ to 29″) person that has shot an 80 lb. compound for the last 22years?I will use the bow for strictly hunting anything from whitetails to bears. There are so many bows out there and no local bow shops with recurves to try.

    1. Hi Dale,

      I would say the Bear Grizzly or Hoyt Buffalo, with around 55 lbs. of draw weight, would be great for you. Have you ever shot a recurve bow in the past?

  2. I purchased the sage 55lb bow after shooting a Martin recurve for 25 yrs. It truly does what you’ve said in your article. I’m very impressed with how smooth and easy it was to punch out the target on my first try! I guess my concern is long range as I don’t trade Bows often. When I find what I like I hang on to them. What’s the longevity of this bow

  3. Good afternoon Sr.
    I’ve searched for days regarding the correct arrow weight for 3D and target archery without success.
    Would you advise the correct arrow weight for 45lb limbs with a 29in draw? I’m currently at 400gpi which fly great but I want to be sure that’s not to lite for my bow.
    BTW I purchased a Martin Saber based on your review and have no regrets. Thank you,
    Nokesville, va

  4. Dear sir
    I recently opened an indoor archery range at my business in Frostburg, MD
    We have 9 lanes able to shoot 20 yards.
    J& J Bait LLC
    75 S Grant St
    Frostburg. MD. 21532

  5. Hi.
    I read your beginner archer guide for what to buy,i just wanted to know how much its gonna cost, i mean whats the price range from the cheapest to the most expensive set that one can buy.
    And thank you very much

    1. And something else i want to pursue archery to idk mastery lvl or sth so i need a pro set for recurve bow.
      Ty again 🙂

  6. Hi,
    I enjoy your informative site and reviews. As a beginner I have been reading lots and have not yet bought a bow. Seems a bit confusing as I get differing opinions on bows and particularly lengths. I have a draw length of 29″ so everything I read suggests a bow length of about 66-68″. Trouble is I can’t seem to find brands of bows that readily reach that length. I like the idea of field and 3D archery so want somewhat of an all rounder style of bow. Can you suggest some brands of recurves that I could look at in.

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