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  1. What recurve would you recommend for a short draw length (27″ to 29″) person that has shot an 80 lb. compound for the last 22years?I will use the bow for strictly hunting anything from whitetails to bears. There are so many bows out there and no local bow shops with recurves to try.

    1. Hi Dale,

      I would say the Bear Grizzly or Hoyt Buffalo, with around 55 lbs. of draw weight, would be great for you. Have you ever shot a recurve bow in the past?

  2. I purchased the sage 55lb bow after shooting a Martin recurve for 25 yrs. It truly does what you’ve said in your article. I’m very impressed with how smooth and easy it was to punch out the target on my first try! I guess my concern is long range as I don’t trade Bows often. When I find what I like I hang on to them. What’s the longevity of this bow

  3. Good afternoon Sr.
    I’ve searched for days regarding the correct arrow weight for 3D and target archery without success.
    Would you advise the correct arrow weight for 45lb limbs with a 29in draw? I’m currently at 400gpi which fly great but I want to be sure that’s not to lite for my bow.
    BTW I purchased a Martin Saber based on your review and have no regrets. Thank you,
    Nokesville, va

  4. Dear sir
    I recently opened an indoor archery range at my business in Frostburg, MD
    We have 9 lanes able to shoot 20 yards.
    J& J Bait LLC
    75 S Grant St
    Frostburg. MD. 21532

  5. Hi.
    I read your beginner archer guide for what to buy,i just wanted to know how much its gonna cost, i mean whats the price range from the cheapest to the most expensive set that one can buy.
    And thank you very much

    1. And something else i want to pursue archery to idk mastery lvl or sth so i need a pro set for recurve bow.
      Ty again 🙂

  6. Hi,
    I enjoy your informative site and reviews. As a beginner I have been reading lots and have not yet bought a bow. Seems a bit confusing as I get differing opinions on bows and particularly lengths. I have a draw length of 29″ so everything I read suggests a bow length of about 66-68″. Trouble is I can’t seem to find brands of bows that readily reach that length. I like the idea of field and 3D archery so want somewhat of an all rounder style of bow. Can you suggest some brands of recurves that I could look at in.

  7. hi there. im wondering if you still check this? i tried to get your email. but the links maybe aren’t working.
    im looking for some adivce re: the differences between these two bows.
    the samick sage and the cartel epick hawk.

    both bows seem to be made by the same material diamond wood maple and fiberalss.. but im worried that im missing something. there arent many reviews for the cartel. unlike the samick where people are in love with it. what do you think. thanks..
    im a begginner, looking to get 45 pound.

  8. I shoot a PSE’s Compound bow and a bear
    45 lb recurve bow.I went to the archery center to get a new string for the bear grizzly bow .When we went to string it we heard some cracking sounds so we did not finish .This bear grizzly is about 30 yes old and is a great shooting bow and awesome looking bow I was iin immediate need of a new bow . I was not ready to spend a lot of money at this time so my dealer showed me the PSE NightHawk for $139.00 at first I laughed at the price but after checking it out I was very much surprised. I love my PSE compound so I took a chance for n this bow . I ve been shooting it for a week now and I love it.It shoots awesome and it’s very quiet.I can’t believe what s great bow it is .I will eventually buy another Bear Grizzly to replace my old one ,but I will also keep my Night Hawk along side the Grizzly. I ve watch your video on the Night Hawk and the guy is right .You can buy s more expensive bow like my Grizzly for it’s fine quality, awesome looks and it accurate shooting. But you can never buy a better bow than the Night. Hawk for its price,quality and dependability. Thank you for making my new PSE bow such s pleasure

  9. Do you do radio interviews? I would like to do a segment related to archery, we have 25 stations in 5 states and have been on air for 15 years. My contact information is below. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    The Big Wild (ND, SD, MN, WI, IL)

    Derek Gunderson

  10. I recently purchased a SAMICK JOURNEY from TWIG Archery. It did not come with an owner’s manual.
    Contacted TWIG but haven’t gotten a reply. I’ve also searched the internet without success. Any suggestions?

  11. Plz i am a national player and i will cofunsed because the hoyt recurve bow for target playing and you show me a bow set of all hoyt bow of recurve and show me price of bow. And i will choosen 1 bow and buy a bow plz i will requst you ,show me bow set and price plz, my phone no is 7391865306 call me ..

  12. Hello, I am a 64 yr old woman, weight around 130, 5″8, who would like to get back into archery. I haven’t shot a bow since I was in middle school. I looked at some bows at cabela’s and would love a recurve bow, (purely out of aesthetic reasons) but there a few problems. I have had several injuries to my shoulders and now have arthritis in both. I’m right handed and when I pulled one with a draw weight of 35 lbs I couldn’t do it. The salesman gave me a compound bow that worked well, with a draw weight of 20 lbs I was just at the limit of what my shoulder would allow.

    I have no intentions whatsoever of hunting with a bow, it is strictly for the same use I put my guns: target shooting.
    SO I’m a bit confused…should I go with a compound bow, sized for child (which is slightly insulting to me, although it shouldn’t) or go with a recurve that I can just barely handle?

    1. Hi Michelle –
      Just found this site so please forgive me if someone has already answered your question especially since it has been several months.

      I have a few students that have had similar issues: they are adults, can’t pull a heavy draw weight and want to shoot traditional.

      I usually set them up with a recurve takedown bow. That way I can get a riser that fits their hands and provides them with what they need for stability and safe shooting, as well as limbs that can be customized to their draw weight needs. There are many different styles of recurve takedown bows and I’m sure one would work for you.

      I hope you have a lot of fun getting back into archery.

  13. Hello, I’ve bought a Samick Progress recurve now. I’ve a feeling it’s old. Do you have any advice on it? It’s 34lb anyway. I’m a bit of a newbie 🙂

  14. I need information regarding the NAA & NFAA rules for setting up the field for a competition. I shoot in Local, State and National archery competitions and recently was unable to compete due to the layout of the targets. This is a “first”… the targets were all facing West and the Sun was rising behind the targets which meant we were shooting with the Sun in our eyes?
    Aren’t there rules stating shooting should be from North to South for safety?

  15. Mark, Do you have an estimate of the number of archery ranges across the entire US? I’m working on a project to market a training aid that teaches sight alignment and sight picture, and I need a guess as to what the potential market might be. Thanks!

  16. Thanks for being a great resource for archery! I would like to let you know that we have changed our phone number for our club if you would like to update it on your site.
    Conejo Valley Archers in Simi Valley California – new phone number is 805-328-4721.
    Bonnie Marshall
    Conejo Valley Archers
    Vice President

  17. Hi – can you add our indoor archery range to your list of Missouri Archery ranges? It’s 30 yards 20 lanes. We also have a regular 3D Shoot every Friday Night at 6:30 with a Traditional Class. I’m a traditional archer and am very glad I’ve found your site, great information.
    Here’s our range information and website:
    Missouri Valley Archery & Outdoor
    2436 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 65109

    Please let me know if you need any other information from me.
    Thank you,
    Shannan Garrett-Cooper

    1. Looking for someone to tune bows for our boys, recently turned men. Looking for something close to Enville, TN. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  18. Hi, I’m hesitating to buy a samick sage or a galaxy ember. I don’t have many references about the Ember and it’s worth the price difference. Thank you

  19. Hi I have a youth archery club in Jonesboro, Ar My name is Coach Tracy Shaw. Our number is+18702751532. Will you please list us on this site. Our club is Nock On NEA. We are trying to build youth archery In the state is Arkansas. Thank you!!

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  21. I new to archery, and want to both hunt and target shoot. Here’s my problem; I’m 6’7 and weigh about 300, my draw length is about 32″. (53 years old, not the greatest shape, but not all fat either.) In reading your site, which contains a ton of great info, I am not quite sure what size to get, or what I want. I don’t want to spend a whole paycheck, but I don’t want something non-durable either.

  22. A friend of mine who had an Archery range and shop about 20 years ago had a 150lb Compound 50% let-off made up and we would often shoot together. I was shooting a 91 lb Hill big 5 at the time. He was about 66″ and 150lbs so you could say he was pulling his weight. He’d take the compound to the annual Sportsman’s show in Edmonton and if you could draw the bow it was yours. No one ever claimed that bow.

  23. Hi! I’m looking for archery instructor near Thibodaux, Louisiana. If your interested please text or call me at +1 619-349-4894. Thank you!

  24. Hi I’ve recently acquired which I believe to be Nomad G3 Pecheneg Drawstring recurve bow at an auction and looking for some info on this bow such as are they a good make any good and still a desirable bow and any info much appreciated
    Thank you

  25. I’d love thoughts on the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Maverick one piece recurve bow. I’m learning on the 35 # Samick Sage, using field tips, and hunting rabbits, and by next year hoping to hunt turkeys and mule deer here in Oregon.

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