Mark: an avid bow hunter since 2008, Mark spends most of his time either examining and researching the latest traditional archery equipment, or simply playing his acoustic piano. Along with Patrick, he is the creator of and puts a lot of work into making the website as helpful and informative as possible, particularly for beginners who are often confused about what type of recurve bow they should get. You can contact Mark via the contact form.

Patrick: Pat is an old friend of Mark, and they’ve both spent many hours together tracking and harvesting buck and white tail. Aside from regularly contributing to the website, writing reviews and tutorials, he likes to spend his spare time playing with his two daughters and reading fantasy books; he’s particularly fond of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. Use the contact form to get in touch with him, and please mention in your e-mail that it is intended for Pat.

Natalia: Natalia (which means “Natalie” in Polish), Pat’s wife, has never shot a bow before she met her now-husband. Over time she has developed a keen interest in the sport, acquiring lots of experience with Martin recurve bows in particular. She specializes in the study of anatomy and the physics of shooting a recurve, so whenever you see an article posted that has to do with these subjects it is safe to assume that Natalia is the one behind it. Any questions to Natalie should be sent via the contact form; please mention in the e-mail body that the message is intended for her.


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  1. If I were to get a 40 lb samick sage what sort of arrows should I buy? From what I read there is more mystery to me in arrow choice than bow choice. I plan on target shooting and possibly deer hunting. Do I need two different sets of arrows? My draw length is about 28″. I am 5’8″ and 155 lb in decent shape for pulling a bow. I am currently using a old recurve, 42 lb, and some carbon fiber arrows I bought for $3 each at Academy on sale.

    1. I would strongly discourage a beginner from buying a recurve bow; you won’t be able to tell the condition it’s in.

  2. Based on your review and comments I purchased a 50 lb Martin Saber take down recurve from Amazon.
    Purchased a better arrow rest from the Bow Shop in Waterloo Ontario Can which they installed for me. Bow is a joy to shoot. It replaces a 42 lb recurve purchased years ago from Archery Craft in Toronto. Very happy.

  3. I need advice. I want to become a ace shooter.

    Should I buy a re-curve or a compound bow.

    I’m new to it and need the info. Money is not a parameter.


  4. Hi. Thank you for all the interesting and very useful information on this website. As a newbie archer in England I am interested in all aspects of the sport. Best wishes, Jan Studzinski

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