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PSE Razorback Recurve

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

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62 in.2.2 lbs.

How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
20, 25, 30 lbs.icon-yes

- Affordable starter bow for kids, youth and adult women
- Pre-drilled to accept stabilizers and other accessories
- Limbs can be screwed and unscrewed without an Allen wrench
- Berger button hole for cushion plunger
- Very durable for the price paid
- Not enough power to hunt with
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PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Package Contents

Greetings and welcome to our PSE Razorback review. First things first: package contents:

  • Riser with pre-drilled accessory holes
  • Limbs (20, 25 or 30 lbs., depending on your choice
  • Bolts for attaching the limbs
  • Assembly and use manual
  • PSE’s warranty card (limited lifetime)

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Standard package contents, nothing fancy.

Assembling The PSE Razorback Recurve

pse-razorback3Life doesn’t get simpler than this. Simply attach the limbs to the riser using the provided screws. You can tighten them by hand and no need for an Allen wrench or any other tools. String the Razorback using a stringer (never do it manually without one). A stringer is not provided with the bow and you need to purchase it separately. Read our guide to stringing a recurve bow for details on how to do it.

How Powerful And Accurate Is The PSE Razorback?

This is not a powerful recurve bow. The maximum draw weight you can get is 30 lbs. The razorback was designed mostly for youth and small-framed women. It’s a great bow to do some target shooting with and to get yourself familiar with archery. It’s very accurate at ranges up to 30 yards. Beyond that, expect to notice significant arrow drop.

Is The PSE Razorback Good For Hunting?

Unfortunately not. Even with the maximum draw weight (30 lbs.), the PSE Razorback is not a recurve bow you should get if you want to go hunting, even if you are only after smaller game. For hunting purposes, check out our list of the best recurve bows for hunting.

Does The PSE Razorback Accept Accessories?

Yes it does. This is one of the things I believe make the PSE Razorback such a great recurve for beginners. You can install stabilizers, a quiver, a sight etc. This allows you to learn about all the different aspects of being a successful archery shooter. Any accessories you want to attach you’ll need to purchase separately though.

Arrows For The Razorback

The package does not include any arrows. Please refer to our guide on choosing arrows for a recurve bow for a detailed overview of how to pick the right type and size. Remember to also buy some practice points as well if they are not included with the shafts.

How Comfortable Is The Bow To Hold?

Personally I found it extremely comfortable, more so than I expected from a bow in this price range. The riser grip is wide and shaped perfectly. It fits the hand just right and does not dig into the inside of your palm when you draw. The size of the handle is also perfect for those with smaller palms.

Materials And Quality (Limbs And Riser)

I’d like to devote a short section in this PSE Razorback review to the durability of this recurve bow. I believe the main reason this is such a great bow for youth and adult females is the quality of materials used. This is NOT some bow that will break on you after a few months of use. It’s very durable. The riser is made of hardwood while the limbs are made of wood laminate. I’m more than certain the bow itself will outlast its usefulness. Expect to pass it on from generation to generation and from one kid to another as they learn about archery.

What About The String?

If you want to buy an extra / spare string for the PSE Razorback, make sure it has an AMO length of 62″. The actual length of the string should be 58″. The B-50 Dacron string is a good one to get for this recurve.

Is The Razorback Heavy?

As you’d expect from a recurve bow intended primarily for youth and women, the PSE Razorback is very light. Less than 2.2 lbs. total weight with no accessories installed. You’ll feel comfortable aiming for a long time without stressing out your shoulder and deltoid muscles.

The PSE Razorback Warranty

PSE covers its products with a limited lifetime warranty. A condition of the warranty is that you need to replace the string on your recurve at least once a year, otherwise the warranty will be voided. Please refer to your warranty card for any other restrictions, as they do tend to change from time to time. While I have never dealt with their customer service, friends tend to agree that they are very fast to respond and handle any issues.

PSE Razorback Review – Summary

I hope you’ve learned something from this PSE Razorback review. It’s an affordable, durable bow for all youth and adult females who would like to get into archery without breaking the bank. The bow is excellent for target practice and will last you for many years if not abused. This is not a recurve bow for hunting – it’s not powerful enough for that purpose. Take a look at Today's price on the Razorback.


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  1. you say that the PSE Razorback only comes in 20, 25 and 30 lbs draw weight however it seems as though you can get it in a 35 lbs draw weight as well, just pointing that out.

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