Samick Deer Master Review – a Recurve Bow Inspection


LengthBow WeightDraw WeightTakedown?
Samick Deer Master

Samick Deer Master

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60 inches2.8 lbs

How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
30 to 60 lbs.Yes

- Lightweight and easy to hold
- Powerful and accurate
- Beautiful design
- Included string is poor quality, leading to vibration and hand shock
- No bow stringer included
- No bushings for accessories
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Package Contents

Howdy, and welcome to my review of the Samick Deer Master. Each package delivered by Samick includes the following items:

  • The Samick Deer Master Takedown Bow, including riser and limbs
  • Assembly hardware and tools
  • B-50 Dacron bowstring
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card

How Hard is the Bow to Put Together?

deer1Samick makes their bows very easy to assemble, and takedowns are designed to be assembled and disassembled. So, the Deer Master is very easy to put together. One thing to note is that the bow does not include a bow stringer, so you should make sure to purchase one at the same time as you purchase the bow. Using a bow stringer to string your bow makes the job much easier and safer, and not using a bow stringer will void the warranty on your bow.

Is This Bow Accurate and Powerful?

From the beginning of testing this bow, I knew I was holding a winner. The Samick Deer Master is very accurate, from all ranges, and it is as hard-hitting as the weight of limbs you choose for it. I went with the 55# limbs, and was hitting 1” groupings from 40 yards with ease. From closer range, I was able to split arrows in half, Robin Hood style!

Can I Use This Bow for Hunting?

The Deer Master is designed for hunting deer, and it fits the role quite well. My 55# Deer Master has been with me on several hunts, including a hunt for moose. The bow is only 60” long, so it maneuvers very easily through the woods and brush, and its light weight makes it seem like you’re not carrying anything at all. On one of my most recent moose hunts, the Deer Master took down a bull moose from 30 yards, driving the arrow completely through the moose. He dropped after less than 15 yards of stumbling and groaning, a very quick kill.

Do Beginners Like the Deer Master?

Now, here’s the question with the complicated answer. With the included Dacron B-50 string, beginners are liable to pick up some very poor habits, as they try to avoid the vibration and hand shock the included string provides. Change out the string with a Flemish twist string with wool silencers, though, and all of that vibration goes away. The bow is very forgiving of poor stances and techniques, though, and should serve quite well for a beginner once the included string is thrown in the garbage and replaced with a better one.

What About My Accessories? Can I Use Them?

deer2The Deer Master is an entrance-level hunting bow, and is designed with instinctive shooting in mind. So, it does not include the bushings for a sight, stabilizer, or plunger. If you want to install these accessories, you will need to have a qualified bow technician drill the holes in the riser for them and set everything up for you.

Arrows For The Samick Deer Master

The Deer Master will joyfully shoot any arrows you want to use with it, but I tend to prefer Carbon Express and Easton arrows. Which you choose will weight greatly on your preferred target-shooting or hunting style, so be sure to check out our guide on arrow selection for help in this arena.

Is This Bow Comfortable To Hold?

The riser and grip are very comfortably designed, and the bow is like a feather in your hand. The only difficulty I found with holding the bow was when shooting using the included string. The string that comes with the Deer Master is a B-50 Dacron string, and it’s very poor quality. I noticed a lot of vibration and hand shock when I was shooting, so I replaced the string with a Flemish twist string with wool silencers. The vibration and hand shock went away completely with the new string. So, once again, replace the included string with a high quality string, and you’ll be good to go.

Materials And Durability (Riser, Limbs)

deer3The riser of the Samick Deer Master is made of hard maple, rosewood, and white oak, and the limbs have a hard maple core surrounded by black fiberglass. This bow is strikingly beautiful, and the materials are high quality and well constructed. The only drawback to the bow is the included Dacron string, which promotes a lot of vibration and hand shock within the bow.

Fortunately, the limb tips are reinforced and can accept FastFlight and Flemish twist bow strings, which do quite a bit to improve the vibration and hand shock.

What String Fits The Samick Deer Master?

Any 58” bow string will fit well on the Deer Master, and the reinforced limb tips allow for the use of FastFlight or Flemish twist strings. I loaded mine up with a Flemish twist string with wool silencers, and had excellent shooting from the bow.

Is The Deer Master a Heavy Bow?

The bow is not at all heavy. In fact, it’s so light that I almost forgot I was carrying it when I was out in the woods hunting with it. Regardless of your intended use for the bow, hunting or just target shooting, you should find the Deer Master a lightweight, powerful, and accurate bow.

How Loud Is This Recurve?

With my Flemish twist string and wool silencers, the bow registers barely a few decibels when fired. It’s very quiet, almost silent, as long as you are using a decent-quality string on the bow along with string silencers. With the included string and no silencers, though, the bow was louder than average.

Recurve Bow Review – Summary

Thanks for reading my review of the Samick Deer Master bow. This is an excellent budget hunting bow, but you will want to properly set it up before taking it out into the field. It does not allow for any accessories without modification by a bow tech, and the included string is pretty much garbage. Once it’s set up with a decent Flemish or FastFlight string with string silencers, though, this bow is a very inexpensive and high quality way to get venison in your freezer. Take a look at Today's price on the Samick Deer Master if you’re interested.


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  1. Good morning,

    I’d like to congratulate with you for this helpful and clear site!

    I want to ask you any questions about Samick Deer Master:

    1. Can I hunt wild boars with it? I was thinking to use a 50# or 55# bow and heavy wood arrows (12-14 grains per inch)

    2. Which string do you suggest? (any model?)

    Thanks and excuse me for my English! (I’m Italian)

    1. Hi Tom!

      Yes, you can definitely hunt wild boar with the Deer Master if you get 40 lbs draw or higher. As for the string, the Dacron that comes with the bow is really great so you won’t face any problems using it regardless of what you plan to hunt.

  2. Hi Mark,

    First of all, thanks a lot for the site. The information and advice I find here are of a great value to me, a beginner.

    I have a clarifying question regarding the Samick Deer Master reviewed here. You mention in Section “What String Fits The Samick Deer Master?” that 58″ long bowstring will fit on the Deer Master. At the same time, the bow is 60″ long. Should not a string be 60″ AMO?

    Thanks a lot in advance,
    Igar (I am from Belarus)

  3. Hi there. I’ve been trying to find out the correct brace height for my Deermaster. 60inch 60lb. I also have a 50lb Deermaster . I’ve been unable to get this info on either of them. Can you point me in the right direction please.
    Thanks a lot.
    Peter Bell

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