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PSE Mustang Recurve Bow

PSE Mustang

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60"3 lbs.

How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
45, 50, 55 lbs.Yes

- Great design quality
- Fantastic accuracy and durability
- Great colors and finish
- A very solid recurve for hunting purposes
- Gives a good value for money
- Not for tall shooters.
- Not for beginners.
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PSE Mustang Package Contents

PSE MustangWelcome to my PSE Mustang review. This is a mid-range recurve bow that is designed for hunting and taking close range shots. It is usually priced between $205 – $225, depending in what season you make the purchase. With my order, I got the following contents:

1. PSE Mustang 60″ Recurve Bow
2. Manual with warranty.

Sadly, that is all it contains. You will need to buy your own stringer to replace the bow string, even if you know how to manually string a bow (which is definitely not recommended).

Assembling the PSE Mustang

My package contains no more than the bow itself, so here is the summary of how I assembled the bow to suit my style. Buy an Allen Key people, it is a must! Take the Allen key, attach the limbs to the riser by fastening the holding bolts. Use a stringer or affix the bow string manually and then you are all set to shoot. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to get Mustang going, and after that it is ready to hunt anything that walks, runs and crawls.

Sight Position

The sight position is placed optimally for adding accessory bow sights for enhanced. Any standard recurve bow sight works well with the Mustang, so I am are not suggesting anything in particular with this one. We recommend you to shoot a few times and get a feel of the bow and start tuning it to get a stock setting to matches your draw. Then add a sight (if you want one) and tune the bow once again, only this time do it ‘with’ the sight. The results will be different, so it is better to have a stock setting and then add accessories so that you can revert back to what worked earlier if the sight starts to hinder your accuracy.

How Powerful and Accurate is the PSE Mustang?

PSE Mustang2The PSE Mustang is a beast. It is a traditional bow that shoots extremely fast. The arrow flies out of the bow like a bullet and lands on its target within milliseconds considering you are taking short range shots (20 – 40 yards). The power of the bow can be felt as you draw, and the vibration when the arrow clears the bow will let you know that anything in front of the Mustang is pulp.

One thing to carefully consider is you height while buying the bow. Don’t buy it if you are too tall; though the 60’’ serves well for me (and I am 6’1), I predict it will be a little difficult for the taller guys.

Is the Mustang Suitable for Hunting?

It definitely is. It is made for pros and hunters, not for beginners. We will get to why it is bad for beginners in a moment, and see what makes the bow so special for experienced hunters. Hunters need fast and accurate bows. The Mustang, being amazingly fast, is also a lightweight recurve bow. The speed is more than sufficient to pass an arrow through deer and elk comfortably, assuming you get a 45# version or heavier.

I bet anything in front of this bow will feel the impact for 10 hammers smashing into their body, so don’t stand in front of it! Well, fun apart, it is made for hunting, so go catch your dinner with the PSE Mustang, because it won’t let you down. The looks, the weight, the feel and the power of the Mustang will obliterate anything in its way; see what others have to say though.

Is The PSE Mustang Suitable For Beginners?

No it isn’t. Don’t buy it if you are getting into archery as it requires a lot of tuning and adjustments. The power needed to make each draw will be a pain for many beginners (minimum 45# draw available) and will feel like a chore after a few pulls. There are a lot of beginner’s bows out there, but this is definitely not one of them. No point in buying a Ducati R15 if you don’t know to ride a bike, right?

Does This Recurve Accept Accessories?

Yes it does. There are pre-drilled holes for attaching bow sights and a quiver/stabilizer if needed. I recommend keeping away from sights as recurve bows perform better without them – sights are cool and they usually add to the accuracy, but they also rob you of peripheral vision, and make you highly focused on one spot without regard to what’s happening around you, which is not a good thing in a hunting environment.

Arrows for the PSE Mustang

I use the carbon fiber 425 grain arrows. For shooting on targets or wood you can use fiber glass arrows because they can survive anyway; for hunting, carbon arrows with work best for me. Check out our guide to choosing the right arrow for hunting, target practice and casual shooting.

Is This Bow Comfortable To Hold?

It is a traditional bow with a bare minimum of attachments. It is comfortable for me, since I am used to holding bare bows without any grip padding. Some people do feel discomfort holding the bow, which can usually be remedied (to an extent) by using a shooting glove.

Materials and Durability (Riser, Limbs)

Surprisingly, it has lasted for more than two years without servicing. Many hunting recurve bows in this price range tend to start showing ‘signs of aging,’ with loss in consistency due to the loosening of limb-to-riser connections after heavy use. The PSE Mustang is a sturdy companion when it comes to build quality and durability. This bow was used for about 12 hours a week, and it still looks new. Magic? Or brilliant build quality? You never know…

What String Fits the PSE Mustang?

Almost all the bow strings made by PSE fit into the Mustang. An added effort is needed while fitting the bow string manually, so buy a stringer. The stringer will help you fitting any bow string, and accessory strings usually have higher reliability and strength for pulling.

The tips of the limbs are reinforced as well, so feel free to attach any FF Flemish strings that you like.

Is The Mustang a Heavy Bow?

No it isn’t. At 3 lbs. it is one of the lightest mid-range bows on the market. This makes it ideal for hunting due to ease of maneuvering in the field.

How Loud Is the PSE Mustang?

Being exceedingly fast, it is bound to be loud. It is quieter than expected, but you will hear a THUD once you release. It hardly matters since you won’t be taking long distance shots with the Mustang anyway. You can add noise reduction kits and string silencers if you like, though you won’t be needing any of it for hunting, because the silencers won’t bring the noise down to zero anyway, and it doesn’t really matter how loud it is if your positioning is optimal for the game you are hunting.

PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Review – Summary

While not for beginners, it is one of the best mid-range hunting bows on the market. It’s quite cheap, so you can afford spend a few more bucks to buy a great arm band and gloves to get a complete archer’s kit, along with some carbon fiber arrows. The speed, and the accuracy are brilliant.

This bow has lasted for more than 20 months without the slightest signs of wear (other than the string), and needs paper tuning like once in every three months. Go for the PSE Mustang if you are hunter, and need a companion help you harvest what you are after. Check out Today's price on the PSE Mustang.

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