Hoyt Dorado Review – a Recurve Bow Inspection


LengthBow WeightDraw WeightTakedown?
Hoyt Dorado

Hoyt Dorado

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60 inches2.5 lbs

How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
35 to 65 lbs.Yes

- Lightweight and quick to aim
- Excellent sight position
- Full of options
- No bow stringer included
- Very noisy with included string
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What’s in the Box?

Welcome to my review of the Hoyt Dorado. Each package delivered by Hoyt includes the following items:

  • The Hoyt Dorado takedown bow, including riser and limbs
  • Flemish string
  • Protective carrying case
  • Assembly hardware and tools
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card
  • Custom 4-arrow, 2-piece quiver (optional)

Putting It Together

Since the Dorado is designed as a takedown bow, it assembles and disassembles very easily. You just attach the limbs to the riser using the included bolts and Allen wrench, and you’re ready to string the bow. I don’t consider a bow stringer an optional accessory, but the Dorado does not come with one. You should definitely invest in a bow stringer, because that is the only safe and secure way to properly string a bow.

How Powerful and Accurate is the Bow?

This bow is available in 5 pound limb weights from 35# to 65#, making it as powerful as you want it to be. Since this is a takedown bow, you can purchase limbs with a stronger weight draw as you or your young archer grow into the bow, with the understanding that the Dorado is only available at 60” length. Even so, this is an excellent bow for beginning to learn the craft.

I found the Dorado to be a true tack driver. From 25 yards, I could maintain 1” groupings from 25 yards and 2” groupings from as far away as 50 yards. This recurve is amazing to shoot, whether you are shooting natural or with an added on accessory. Very powerful and accurate, this is an archer’s dream bow except for the noise factor.

Do Hunters Like the Hoyt Dorado?

A 60” bow, the Dorado is great for hunting. It carries well through the woods, and its 2.5 pound weight is perfect for carrying without getting overly fatigued. This bow shoots true and hits hard, so any legal North American game you come across is going to fear the reaper of your Hoyt Dorado. I’ve used this bow on turkey and deer hunts, and it has never let me down.

Is The Dorado Good For Beginners?

dorado3This is a truly beautiful recurve bow, whether you’re an expert archer or just beginning to learn the sport. The takedown bow is always my personal favorite for recommending to beginners, because you can usually find heavier limbs with ease, and that is certainly the case with the Dorado.

I’ve not noticed any limb twist with the Dorado, and the beginners that I’ve had try out the bow have left satisfied with their first few shots because the bow is very forgiving of poor stance and technique.

Can I Use My Accessories with this Recurve?

The Hoyt Dorado comes predrilled and with bushings in place for a stabilizer, sight, and plunger, but none of the accessories are included. Installation of these accessories is so quick and easy that you can take your bow from natural, instinctive shooting to shooting with all of the most modern technologies in minutes without any hassle at all.

Arrows For The Hoyt Dorado

If you can name it and find it for sale, you can shoot it. I’ve fired the Hoyt Dorado with just about every type of arrow I have, from Easton to Carbon Express. You should always pick out the arrows and arrow heads that best matches your hunting or target-shooting style, so be sure to check out our guide on arrow selection for help in this area.

Is This Bow Comfortable To Hold?

At a mere 2.5 pounds, this is probably one of the most ergonomic and easy to hold bows on the market today. I’ve carried this bow for six or seven hours or more in a day, and barely noticed I had it. I’ve shot the bow for hours on end without any problems with my hand cramping or my arms getting sore. This bow is designed perfectly for shooting, and it shoots as perfectly as you can aim it.

Materials And Durability (Riser, Limbs)

The Dorado is available in a variety of styles, but mine features a blackout riser and maple limbs. You can also order your Hoyt Dorado with Realtree Xtra limbs, Realtree Max-1 limbs, or completely blacked out. If you want a truly spectacular look to your bow, the model with a silver riser and blackout limbs is unique and really stands out from the crowd.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll get a slim TEC riser to go along with the limbs you choose. The limbs are all made in the USA with custom wood core and whichever finish you order.dorado2

The materials are all top notch, and the bow is rock solid without any worries about limb twist. This is a terrific bow, made of high quality materials and with durability and accuracy in mind.

What String Fits The Hoyt Dorado?

The Dorado ships with a Flemish string, which is very high quality. You can quite easily replace the string with a FastFlight string, if you want, as long as you choose a string that matches the draw weight of your setup. The limb tips are reinforced, so this bow can handle any string you choose to install. I definitely recommend installing string silencers, though, because the bow is rather noisy without them.

Is This a Heavy Bow?

Definitely not! At a light 2.5 pounds, the 60” Dorado is barely noticeable in your hands and is easily transported, whether you’re trekking through the woods to your favorite hunting spot or simply walking to the archery range.

How Loud Is The Dorado?

This bow has a very smooth draw, and very little vibration in the handle when you release, but boy, is it loud. Installing whisper biscuits or other string silencers does a fantastic job of quieting the bow, but it is still louder than my other bows.

Recurve Bow Review – Summary

Thanks for reading my bow review of the Hoyt Dorado. This is a great bow for beginning, intermediate, or expert archers. It looks and feels fantastic to shoot, and is very accurate and powerful. The only drawback to the bow is that it is noisier than comparable bows. Take a look at Today's Amazon.com price on the Hoyt Dorado if you’re interested.

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