Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum Review – a Recurve Bow Inspection


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Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum Recurve Review

Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum Recurve Review

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52 inches~2 lbs

How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
35 to 60 lbs.No
- Gorgeous green maple design
- Flemish twist string included
- Accurate and hard-hitting
- Investment might be too high for a new archer
- Not drilled for a stabilizer, sight, or plunger
- No bow stringer included
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Hello, and thanks for checking out my review of Bear Archery’s Kodiak Magnum recurve bow. This 52-inch AMO model has been around for years (since 1961, in fact), but Bear hasn’t let the variant sit on its laurels without improvements. The latest Kodiak Magnum is gorgeously crafted from green maple capped with green and white fiberglass, with limbs constructed of overlaid clear maple cores, backed and faced with high strength “Grayling Green” fiberglass. Let’s see if it shoots as good as it looks.

What’s Included With the Bow?

Obviously, you’ll want to know what you get for your money. Here’s what comes along with the Kodiak Magnum:

Unfortunately, you won’t find a bow stringer included with the recurve. Since it’s crucial to use this accessory whenever you are stringing or unstringing your bow, I strongly recommend purchasing a bow stringer separately, if you don’t already have one.

Is The Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum Challenging To Assemble?

With its one-piece design, all that’s really involved in assembling this recurve bow is stringing it. Using a bow stringer, you should be able to accomplish this task in two minutes or less, if you follow our instructions.

What Accessories Can I Use With This Recurve?

bear-archery-kodiak-magnum-recurve-reviewUnfortunately, you won’t be able to use much of anything extra with the Kodiak Magnum. Bear Archery has opted to keep the recurve as traditional as possible, so there are no holes predrilled for a stabilizer, plunger, or advanced sight. If you want to add those accessories, you’ll need to have a trained bow technician modify the recurve (thereby voiding the warranty). Whether you add accessories or not, you should make sure you take the time to tune your recurve bow before heading out to the archery range.

Is The Kodiak Magnum Accurate And Powerful?

This recurve bow is available in draw weights from 35# to 60#, so it’s as powerful as you want it to be. Available in both left- and right-handed models, you should make sure to take the time to determine what draw weight is right for you before making your purchase. For more information, be sure to check out our guide on selecting the right draw weight.

As far as accuracy goes, the Kodiak Magnum has it where it counts. I’m consistently able to keep 2-inch groupings from 45 yards, so I’m sure a well-skilled archer could do the same with the bow.

Can I Use It For Hunting?

The Kodiak Magnum can definitely be used for hunting, especially if you opt for one of the heavier draw weights. I’ve enjoyed my 55# recurve tremendously, especially since the 52-inch AMO length of the bow makes it perfect for maneuvering in tight spaces light ground blinds or tree stands. The bow hits so hard that I’ve been able to take down Cape buffalo with mine.

How Well-Suited Is the Kodiak Magnum For Beginners?

Since the lightest draw weight is 35# and the bow is an expensive investment, it might not be right for an amateur just getting started in archery. On top of that, the short length of the bow makes it difficult to maintain precise control if you aren’t experienced. I would not recommend this recurve bow to those new to the sport of archery, at least not until they get some serious experience in their quiver.

What Are The Best Arrows To Use With This Recurve?

I get asked this question all the time, and every time I say the same thing: “It depends.” Arrow selection is dependent on what type of shooting you plan to do, as well as your personal draw length. A detailed discussion on this is beyond the scope of this review, but you can check out our guide on arrow selection for help picking your ammunition.

How Durable Are The Limbs And Riser?

Back in the 1970s, Fred Bear introduced the technology known as FutureWood, and the company brought it back in 2013 after heavy customer demand. This technology gives completely new physical properties to the wood in the riser’s handle. A pressurized vacuum fills all the natural pores in the wood, increasing the wood’s weight and greatly strengthening it. After baking, the handle is virtually impossible to warp, check, or crack. In other words, it’s pretty darned durable.

The limbs are equally durable, and you won’t notice any limb twist at all if you properly care for the recurve. This means unstringing the bow after each and every use. You should also make sure to use a bow stringer for stringing and unstringing the Kodiak Magnum.

What Strings Will Fit This Bow?

Any 52-inch AMO length strings will work fine with the Kodiak Magnum, including FastFlight and Flemish twist strings. In fact, the recurve comes with a red and black Dynaflight 97 Flemish twist string, so you’re ready for serious shooting right out of the box.

Is It Heavy?

At around two pounds, this is one of the lightest recurve bows in the industry. It’s not too light, though, and it remains very easy to control and maneuver.

How Quiet Is The Bow?

The Kodiak Magnum recurve bow is almost silent when you shoot it, and it doesn’t have even a trace of hand shock or vibration. Shooting this model is smooth and quiet, making it a real pleasure to shoot whether you’re on the archery range or in the hunting field.

Recurve Bow Summary

Thanks again for reading my review of the Kodiak Magnum by Bear Archery. It’s a sizeable investment, especially for someone new to archery, but the Kodiak Magnum is worth every penny and more for the seasoned archer.

Take a look at current price on the Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum Recurve Review if you’re interested in buying.


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  1. I purchased, and still have, a Kodiak Magnum 45# bow in 1973. It is still in good condition. I love it for bow fishing. I does have a threaded insert for a stabilizer, quiver or bow fishing reel.

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