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Bear Archery Bulls-Eye

bear archery bullseye review

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How to: choose arrows, draw weight, and tune your recurve
20, 25, 29 lbs.icon-yes10+ years

- Comes in three different sizes / draw weights (more below)
- Shoots quietly
- A solid introductory bow for youths aged 10+, and for petite women
- Quite accurate considering the small size
- Not suitable for hunting or any serious shooting
- Could have been $20 to $30 cheaper
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Bear Archery BullsEye Package Contents

Welcome to our Bear Archery Bulls-Eye review. I got this one for my younger sister (14) who wanted to get into archery. The package came with the standard items:

  • Bulls-Eye riser and limbs
  • Dacron string
  • Bear Archery warranty card

No arrow rest was included, so if you need one you’ll have to buy it separately.

Assembling The Bulls-Eye

As simple as with any take-down recurve bow: attach the limbs, screw-in the bolts, and string the bow. Takes 5-10 minutes total depending on your experience with the stringing process. A stringer is not included with the package so you’ll need to buy it for a few bucks. Never string a bow manually, no matter how low the draw weight.

How Powerful And Accurate Is The Bear Bulls-Eye?

Bear Archery BullsEyeThe Bear Archery Bulls-eye is a recurve for youth (10 and older) and small-framed women. It comes in three different sizes, each with a different draw weight:

  • 48″ length – 20 lbs. draw weight
  • 56″ length – 25 lbs. draw weight
  • 62″ length – 29 lbs. draw weight

This definitely is not a bow to get if you want to hunt, as it’s way too weak for that. It’s a nice little bow to introduce a young beginner to archery. Nice for doing some target practice for ranges of between 20 and 40 yards max (depending on the draw weight you get). It’s quite accurate and well-balanced. My sister who has never shot a recurve before was consistently hitting the bulls-eye from 15 yards after just a few hours of practice.

Is The Bear Archery Bulls-eye Good For Hunting?

This recurve bow is definitely not suitable for hunting. Even if you are only after smaller game like wild turkey, this bow won’t handle it. Take a look at our recommendations of the best hunting recurves for something more suitable.

Is The Bear Bulls-eye Suitable For Beginners?

Due to the low price and low draw weight, the Bear Bulls-eye is perfect for complete beginners. Keep in mind however that if you are an adult male, this bow will be too light for you to shoot. You should check out our list of the best recurve bows for adults.

Does This Bow Accept Accessories?

The Bear Archery Bulls-eye bow has been drilled and threaded, so you can install a recurve bow sight if traditional instinctive shooting is not your kid’s thing.

Arrows For The Bear Bulls-eye

If this bow is to be used by young teens, it would be a good idea to get some arrows made from fiberglass for safety reasons. You can read more about fiberglass arrows here. If the bow is meant for a responsible adult, please check out our guide to choosing arrows for a bow.

Is The Bear Archery Bulls-eye Bow Comfortable To Hold?

Bear Archery BullsEye2The riser is finely constructed and feels good in the hand. I haven’t shot it too long so can’t say much, but my sister seems to be very happy with it and has had no complaints at all. She’s fully capable of focusing her attention on delivering the shot. No need for her to struggle with the grip while aiming.

Keep in mind that this bow is for right-handed shooters only.


Limbs & Riser Durability

The riser is made out of hardwood, and the limbs are a multi-laminate. Pretty standard materials are used, nothing fancy but also nothing to worry about in my experience. The bow has been doing fine for well over 4 months now with no limb twisting or separation of the limb layers. I suspect that if properly treated, the Bear Bulls-eye will last for many years before it requires any servicing.

What String To Use On The Bear Archery Bulls-eye?

Get the B-50 Dacron if you need a replacement string for the Bear Archery Bulls-eye. Make sure that the AMO length of the string matches the length of the bow you get.

Is This a Heavy Bow?

I’m not sure exactly how much this bow weighs to be honest. We have the 54″ version and it’s extremely light, definitely enough so for a young person to hold and shoot it for long periods of time. I’d say that the bow weighs less than 2 lbs. in total based on my estimation. The 62″ version will most likely weigh closer to 2.5 lbs.

Is The Bear Archery Bulls-eye Loud?

One of the stronger points of this bow is how quiet it is. The riser is not particularly big so I was expecting a lot of vibration (and hence noise) to occur. In reality, it’s quiet enough that I often wasn’t even aware my sister was shooting it in the backyard. (If she was shooting a loud bow, I would have definitely heard it.)

Bear Archery Bulls-eye Review – Summary

While short, I hope this Bear Archery Bulls-eye review is helpful to you. This is definitely a nice recurve bow to get for young beginner archers, or for a small-framed woman without any archery experience. I’d happily recommend it to anyone, though I do believe the price could have been $20-$30 lower. Still, check out Today's price on the Bulls-eye and decide for yourself.

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  1. Any recommendations for putting a finish on wifes Bullseye x bow. Beautiful cold want to protect it? Seems unfinished.

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