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  1. Would love to have a new bow. I love traditional archery and shoot 3 D locally. Like the take down on the Jaguar. Makes it easy to carry with you even on a motorcycle.

  2. Thanknyou for the chance to win the Martin Jaguar! I have a Martin/Damon Howatt Venom longbow and they are an excellent manufacturer of traditional archery products!

  3. Excellent site, great idea (promotion). Hooked my son already; working on our Parks & Recreation Department.

  4. Thanks everyone for the great comments, we really appreciate them!

    To everyone applying: please remember that right after using a social button to share, you need to send an e-mail to us to the address that appears as soon as the share is complete. I’m mentioning this because it seems that we’re not receiving e-mails from everyone who shares, leading me to believe that some are missing this piece of information.

  5. oh, yes….

    …left handed, it would get much usage in my quest to practice (and, experience the personal, stress-releasing therapy inherent in) the art of archery…

  6. In ’76 I had a Bear fiberglass and steel takedown w/45lb draw. That bow was heavy and noisy to carry when taken apart. This Jag appears to be the opposite. It is beautiful compared to that old Bear!

  7. Looking forward to winning that new bow. I give away a lot of bows to neighbor kids and I am running low.


  8. I’ve been wondering what to get my wife for her birthday. This would be great. I hope I win.

  9. Great Giveaway, I am new to archery and am very interested in the recurves because of its simplicity. Good luck!

  10. Been working with the grandchildren and bow safety, how to shoot with the use of there in stinks. But been using one of the little chiefs. Its time for them to get behind areal bow. Hope we win.

  11. I just found this website today and just finished reading the review for this bow, and I must say that it is definitely next on my wish list.

  12. Hope i win, im 14 and want to do archery as a hobby. From what ive researched, this bow is awesome 😀

  13. I’m 15, and i’d love to take up bow hunting. It’ll be hard to get one seeing as the fight for survival is ever becoming more difficult but winning this bow could really change my life. Goodluck everyone, congratulations on the lucky winner 🙂

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