Best Southland Archery Recurve Bow Reviews & Accessories

Welcome to the best Southland Archery recurve bow reviews and guide to Southland’s accessories. The comparison chart below lists the most popular recurve bows manufactured by Southland. A side-by-side comparison is possible, and you can click the “Our Review” link to read a very detailed overview of that recurve bow. We update this page on a monthly basis; including new information and reviews on Southland recurves not previously available.

Top 2 Southland Archery Recurve Bows:

Southland Courage Bow

Southland Courage Bow

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Southland Spirit

Southland Spirit Bow

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Our ReviewOur Review
Bow Weight3 lbs.3.6 lbs.
Draw Weight40 to 55 lbs.26 to 36 lbs.

Established in 2007, Southland Archery Supply is a relative newcomer to the archery realm, but you would never know it given the knowledge their employees have. Located in Southern California, they show a passion for archery and have come up with a line of bows for the shooter who is very value minded. Their website is rather simple yet straight forward, without all the bells and whistles of some of the larger archery companies. This helps keep their costs down which results in savings that are passed on to the consumer.

Common features of Southland recurve bows

As you read our Southland Archery recurve bow reviews, you’ll notice some common features:

  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate
  • Forgiving

Takedown Bows

Currently there are 5 bows in this category offered by Southland. Two are specifically for adults and are only available in the right-hand configuration. Three are listed as ‘youth’ bows; however, you will want to pay close attention to the dimensions to ensure you aren’t getting a bow that is too tall for the intended shooter.

Long Bows

Southland offers one bow in the one-piece long bow category. It is a no-frills simple bow with a relatively low draw weight, but it is well priced and could certainly provide a lot of entertainment at the range.

Southland Sports Accessories

Southland has a decent selection of accessories, but most are for their compound bows and/or their crossbows. They do offer replacement strings on their site as well as a selection of both fiberglass and aluminum arrows.

Used Southland recurve bows

We understand that often times when you look at a new sport, it is tempting to want to buy a used piece of equipment rather than investing in something new, and more expensive. If you find a used Southland bow, you will really want to consider whether that is best. Given their low price point, you may not be saving that much money and could actually be buying a bow that has an issue or defect that the previous owner may or may not be aware of. If you insist on buying a used Southland recurve bow, we recommend you inspect the bow first, and take it to your local pro shop where the experts can give it a good look before you fork over your money. Take a moment to check out our top 10 recurve bows where you can read reviews and compare prices.

Best Southland Recurve Bows Review Summary

Southland Archery Supply offers a good lineup of entry to mid-level recurve bows. Their bows are not always the prettiest, but they are also not going to break the bank. They are worth a look if you are in the market for a reasonably priced recurve that will still provide you with good accuracy and lots of fun.

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