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Howdy, and welcome to our take on the best October Mountain Products (OMP from here on out) recurve bow reviews and guide to OMP’s accessories.

The comparison charge below details the best and most popular recurve bows made by OMP. You can see a side-by-side view of the characteristics of each bow, and then click the “Our Review” link to check out a comprehensive review of that recurve.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced archer, probably the best of OMP’s models are the Explorer 2.0, the Mountaineer 2.0, and the Smoky Mountain Hunter. All three of these bows are outstanding choices, but the Mountaineer and Smoky Mountain Hunter are more appropriate for getting out in the bush and bagging medium or large game.

We update this page frequently, providing new information and reviews of new and previous unlisted OMP recurves, so be sure to check back once a month or whenever you’re in the market for a new recurve bow. You can also see our list of all OMP recurve reviews.

Top 3 October Mountain Products Recurve Bows

OMP Explorer 2.0

OMP Explorer 20

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OMP Mountaineer 2.0

OMP Mountaineer 20

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OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter

OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter

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Our ReviewOur ReviewOur Review
Length54" - 62" (depends on draw weight)62"62"
Bow Weight2.9 lbs.3.4 lbs.2.95 lbs.
Draw Weight20 to 40 lbs.35, 40, 45, 50, 55 lbs.40-55 lbs.

OMP has been around for a pretty short time when it comes to bow manufacturers. The company opened its doors in 2007, has grown rapidly, and has made itself known as one of the most noteworthy up-and-coming recurve manufacturers in North America.

If you’re worried that the name October Mountain Products is too young to really be reputable, here’s an interesting tidbit: OMP was founded by Kinsey’s, Inc. to offer recurve bows and problem-solving tools and accessories to the modern archer. Kinsey’s is one of the top distributors serving the outdoor hunting industry, and has been around since 1949.

OMP has a presence on the web, but I wouldn’t call their page very user friendly. You can only see their product lineup by viewing the online catalog, which does not include any links to purchase the products. If you fall in love with OMP’s bows and accessories, you’ll have to search Amazon and other archery retailers to find the products.

With that said, OMP has several recurve bows that are quite popular, and their products range from beginning-level recurves to advanced hunting bows.

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What are some of the common traits of OMP’s recurve bows?

When you read through our OMP recurve reviews, you’ll find that the bows tend to have some common characteristics:

  • All of OMP’s current recurve bows are takedown bows
  • Easy takedown, so they’re simple to store and transport
  • Predrilled with brass inserts for accessories
  • Medium to light weight bows
  • Very comfortable to hold and shoot, even for a long time
  • Gorgeous craftsmanship
  • Slightly noisy without string silencers
  • Highly accurate

OMP has a pretty limited product range so far, but they do cover everything from youth bows to serious hunting bows. The company manufactures 4 recurve bows: the Adventure 2.0, the Explorer 2.0, the Smoky Mountain Hunter, and the Mountaineer 2.0.

The entry-level recurve, Adventure 2.0, is available in 48“, 54”, 62“, and 68” lengths. The beauty of this particular recurve is that you can purchase replacement limbs as your young archer moves towards adulthood, so the bow grows with them. Unfortunately, the Adventure 2.0 isn’t available in draw weights suitable for hunting.

The next level up is the Explorer 2.0, which is available in either 54“ or 62” lengths, and also allows for limb replacements to let the bow grow with the archer. The maximum draw weight the Explorer 2.0 is available in, 40#, is suitable for small- to medium-sized game hunting.

OMP’s other two recurves, the Mountaineer 2.0 and the Smoky Mountain Hunter, are both 62″ bows very suitable for hunting purposes, and are a couple of my personal favorite recurves.

OMP Accessories

OMP has a good selection of accessories, but once again, finding those products requires more searching than should be necessary. Here is a brief overview of what you can find in OMP’s product catalog.

Bow cases and hip quivers

OMP manufactures a wide variety of recurve, longbow, and compound bow cases. They also have a handful of crossbow cases, along with a variety of hip quivers and arrow tubes.

Strings and string supplies

You can find bowstrings, whether its Dacron or Flemish twist, in OMP’s catalog. They also carry release ropes, string silencers, and bow stringers. OMP also sells bowstring wax and lube, for keeping your strings in tip-top shape.

Arm guards and finger tabs

Finger savers, finger tabs, arm guards: OMP has them all. They offer a wide variety of shooting aids and accessories, in a veritable rainbow of colors.

So much more

The OMP product catalog is quite extensive, and includes much more than I want to bore you with here. Suffice it to say, whether it’s a shooting aid or a pro shop tool, OMP probably sells it. Here’s a listing of catalog sections that might be of interest to you:

  • Rests, Vibration Reducers, Sights
  • Recurve Strings
  • Bow Stringers & Shooting Aids
  • Arm Guards
  • Kickstands & Gear
  • Arrow Pullers
  • Bowstring Wax & Lube
  • Release Rope & String Silencers
  • Vibration Reducers & String Accessories
  • Peep Sights & Peep Tubing
  • Crossbow Accessories & Crossbow Strings & Cables
  • Bow Squares & Batteries
  • Hex Wrenches & Scales
  • True-Center 2.0 Laser Aligner
  • Versa-Cradle Bow Vise

Used OMP recurve bows for sale

If you’re a beginner trying to save money, I recommend steering clear of used bows. A used recurve can come with a defect that the previous owner may or may not know about, which can be dangerous for an inexperienced shooter. If you must purchase used, I recommend using a service or site that allows you to personally inspect the bow before you make that purchase.

If you’re a beginner, stick with an inexpensive new recurve rather than a high-end used model. Check out our top 10 recurve bows, and you’ll find some great reviews and price comparisons.

Best OMP Recurve Bow Reviews Summary

October Mountain Products might be a new face in the crowd, but they’ve built a solid reputation and have kept their expansion efforts to a minimum so they can focus on making the few products they do have in the market as high quality as possible. Take the time to read our reviews, and you’re sure to find the perfect OMP recurve for you and your budget.

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