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Thanks for stopping by this page. We’re talking here about our Greatree Archery recurve bow reviews along with Greatree’s selection of bows and accessories.

On the chart below, you’ll see the most popular recurve bow’s from Greatree Archery’s catalog. You can also make a side-by-side comparison, or get to the detailed overview of a particular recurve bow by clicking the “Our Review” link. This page will get updated on a monthly basis with new information and reviews of previously unlisted Greatree Archery recurves. You should also have a look at our list of all Greatree Archery recurve reviews.

Top 2 Greatree Archery’s Recurve Bows

Greatree Archery Mohegan

Greatree Archery Mohegan
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Greatree Archery Firefox

Greatree Archery Firefox

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Our ReviewOur Review
Length54 inches54, 62 inches
Bow WeightUnspecifiedUnspecified
Draw Weight16, 20, 24, 28 lbs.16, 20, 24, 28 lbs.

For beginners, Greatree Archery has a number of options in both youth and adult starter bows. The Mohegan is available in a 54“ length for young archers, and the Firefox comes in either 54” or 62″ lengths for youth or adults new to the sport. We have more Greatree Archery recurve reviews on the way, but the drawback to the ones we’ve encountered so far is that they are unsuitable for more than target shooting.

Greatree Archery is based in Meriden, Connecticut, and they manufacture a number of bows ranging from simple one-piece and Asian bows to longbows to takedown recurve bows. Their bows are available for all ages, from youth to adult, and for all experience levels, from novice to professional.

The Web page for Greatree Archery is pretty good compared to some others that I’ve seen, providing you with plenty of information about each bow along with the ability to view a zoomed-in image of the bow. What’s really missing from the site, though, is a way to actually purchase the bows or find a list of resellers. Your choices are emailing the contacts from the “Contact” page, calling the Meriden number, or searching Amazon for what you want.

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What do Greatree Archery’s recurve bows have in common?

As you look through the reviews we’ve done on Greatree’s bows, a few common traits show up:

  • They have attractive risers with terrific wood combinations and patterns
  • The bows come predrilled and with brass inserts for accessories
  • They are beginner-friendly, with some caveats
  • Very accurate
  • Inexpensive
  • No bow stringers included
  • Quite a bit of vibration, hand shock, and noise

Greatree Archery’s Bow Selection

Greatree has an extensive range of recurve bows on the market, with a fantastic catalog of archery equipment. Below is a list of their main categories of recurve bows:

Takedown bows

Greatree does almost everything in wood, and they have an impressive selection of takedown recurves. They currently offer 8 different takedown recurve bows, all of which are suitable choices for either target archery or bow hunting, with the right draw weight. In addition, they offer replacement limbs for their Highlander, Ridefire, Osprey, and Goshawk bows, allowing you to increase your draw weight without replacing your entire bow.

Target recurves

There are three target bows in Greatree’s recurve lineup, these bows utilizing machined aluminum risers with ILF-style limbs made of a laminated wood and fiberglass construction.

Youth and beginner bows

Greatree offers 5 different youth recurves (along with a beginner compound bow). These bows are available for both young and older novices to archery, and are inexpensive starter bows.

Greatree Archery Accessories

Greatree Archery has an impressive selection of accessories in their catalog, but not all of those accessories are manufactured by them. They also own the Carbon Pro name, so you’ll find the full lineup of Carbon Pro products in Greatree’s website and catalog. Here’s a list of their accessories, most of which are perfectly suitable for just about any recurve bow.

Arrows and broadheads

The full selection of Carbon Pro arrows is available from Greatree, since they’re one and the same company. You’ll also find arrows for Asian bows, including bamboo arrows for Yumi bows. Greatree also sells arrowheads and nocks, along with a small but complete assortment of broadheads.


Whether you want a hip quiver, back quiver, holster quiver, target quiver with a belt, or a ground quiver, Greatree has it available. They carry simple quivers, attractive hunting quivers, and angled tournament quivers, along with everything in between.

Other accessories

Greatree also carries a wide variety of other accessories for shooting and working on your bow. They have arm guards, finger tabs, sights, and scopes. They also carry stabilizers and V-bars, along with plungers, clickers, cases, and just about everything else you can image you might need for your bow. Some of the products are their own, but some (such as the OMP Ultimate Bow Square) are from other manufacturers. Whatever your needs, even when it comes down to making your own arrows, tuning your bow, or just making repairs to your bow, Greatree Archery probably has it.

Buying a used Greatree Archery recurve bow

In a single sentence, don’t do it. Buying a used recurve bow is a treacherous proposition, because the bow could have defects or damage that the untrained eye (or even the trained eye) might not notice. The previous owner may or may not be aware of these defects, so it’s generally a bad idea to purchase a used bow just to save a few bucks. Better to get an inexpensive new recurve, as a beginner, instead of buying a high-end used model that might seem like a better deal. If you absolutely must buy used, make sure you do so using a service or site that allows you to personally inspect the bow before buying it. You should also take a moment to check out our list of the top 10 recurve bows, read the reviews, and compare prices.

Best Greatree Archery recurve bows review summary

Greatree seems like a relatively new name in the industry, but they’ve actually been in the background of the business for a number of years. Recently, they’ve worked to improve their presence in the field, and their bows show some flaws but still plenty of promise. Do your research, take your time, and you’ll be able to find the perfect Greatree Archery bow for your purposes, in a price range that you can afford.

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